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NHL MVP Draisaitl swops pucks for tennis balls

SHOWS: COLOGNE, GERMANY (OCTOBER 19, 2020) (UCOM – ACCESS ALL) 1. NHL MVP LEON DRAISAITL 2. DRAISAITL CHATTING WITH ALEXANDER ZVEREV 3. DRAISAITL (LEFT), ZVEREV (MIDDLE) AND FELIX AUGER-ALIASSIME (RIGHT) IN CONVERSATION 4. ICE HOCKEY STICKS NEXT TO TENNIS RACQUET 5. PUCKS IN FRONT OF GOAL 6. VARIOUS OF DRAISAITL, ZVEREV AND AUGER-ALIASSIME IN CONVERSATION 7. VARIOUS OF DRAISAITL SHOOTING AT GOAL 8. AUGER-ALIASSIME SHOOTING AT GOAL 9. ZVEREV SHOOTING AT GOAL 10. ZVEREV SHOOTING AT GOAL WITH TENNIS BALLS 11. DRAISAITL SHOOTING AT GOAL WITH TENNIS BALLS 12. ZVEREV AND DRAISAITL DOING KEEPIE-UPPIES WITH HOCKEY STICKS AND TENNIS BALLS 13. DRAISAITL ATTEMPTING TO HIT THREE BALLS INTO A BOX 14. DRAISAITL HITTING A FOREHAND 15. AUGER-ALIASSIME 16. VARIOUS OF RALLYING 17. DRAISAITL CELEBRATING AFTER WINNING POINT 18. (SOUNDBITE) (Engish) REIGNING NHL MVP, LEON DRAISAITL, SAYING: “Yeah, absolutely. It’s a blast. It’s always fun, you know, getting to meet other top athletes in the world and specially guys that are my age that, you know, you can kind of grow up with and yeah. It was a lot of fun.” 19. ZVEREV, DRAISAITL AND AUGER-ALIASSIME POSING FOR PHOTOS STORY: Reigning NHL MVP Leon Draisaitl swopped his hockey stick and pucks for a racquet and tennis balls ahead of the ATP bett1HULKS Championship tournament in Cologne. The Edmonton Oilers forward, who became the first German-born player to be named the NHL’s Most Valuable Player, was joined by tennis players Alexander Zverev and Felix Auger-Aliassime in completing various ice hockey and tennis activities. (Production: Stefan Haskins)